Summer of the Monkeys

by Wilson Rawls
Summer of the Monkeys
Title: Summer of the Monkeys
Publisher: Yearling,

Format: PDF
Size: 5.1 MB
Pages: 288

The last thing a fourteen-year-old boy expects to find along an old Ozark river bottom is a tree full of monkeys. Jay Berry Lee's grandpa had an explanation, of course-as he did for most things. The monkeys had escaped from a traveling circus, and there was a handsome reward in store for anyone who could catch them. Grandpa said there wasn't any animal that couldn't be caught somehow, and Jay Berry started out believing him…

But by the end of the "summer of the monkeys, " Jay Berry Lee had learned a lot more than he ever bargained for-and not just about monkeys. He learned about faith, and wishes coming true, and knowing what it is you really want. He even learned a little about growing up…

This novel, set in rural Oklahoma around the turn of the century, is a heart-warming family story-full of rich detail and delightful characters-about a time and place when miracles were really the simplest of things…

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