Telling Secrets

by Lauren Barnholdt
Telling Secrets
Title: Telling Secrets

Format: PDF
Size: 0.5 MB
Pages: 31

Brooke just wants to forget. About the weird stuff that’s going on with her family. About the fact that her best friend moved away right before their senior year. About the fact that lately, she hasn’t been able to feel much of anything.

And that’s what Aiden helps her to do — forget. So what if he’s kind of… unavailable? Everyone needs a bad boy, right?

Ry just wants to be with Brooke. He had a chance a long time ago, and he’s been pining for her ever since. And when he sees her with Aiden, he decides that some things have been kept secret long enough…

Told from both Brooke and Ry’s point of view, AT THE PARTY is a romantic novella from Lauren Barnholdt, author of TWO-WAY STRET and ONE NIGHT THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.

telling-secrets.pdf (PDF, 0.5 MB)

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